Free Birthday Chalkboard Poster in India (Free Template Download)

Chalkboard Posters are getting craze off lately in India. Be it for 1st Birthday, cake smash, engagement and wedding photography, and milestone and baby shower photo sessions. They are quite expensive to purchase online due to the customization, but it’s actually super easy to make on your own.

So for my Bub’s 1st birthday, I had planned to create one just a week ahead of the D date. Even though I have knowledge of Photoshop and found a template from the internet I found it pretty complex and time consuming to edit as per my linking. After a through research I have used a much simpler poster creating tool and used a variety of fonts, decorations, and a customized image of bub to make it look awesome.

Since my son was able to recognize Stars and Moon, I picked up “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” theme for the entire Birthday props and applied the same theme for the Chalkboard as well.  Finally my hard work paid off and I came up with my own chalkboard, which I printed 20”x30” with high resolution, perfect for the occasion.

Image showing Birthday Chalkboard Template

This post is specifically for the parents who do not have much Photoshop or photo editing knowledge, yet want to download and customize the template. All you have to do is:

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Then, send in a email @ mamma’z baby. I can personally send the template and also specific from which site you can get high resolution print outs for your preferred dimensions.


Here are some of the tips for creating staggering chalkboard posters.  It’s all really personal preference though, so make something you’re happy with!

  • Fill the Space!  When it comes to Chalkboard, the actual print looks better where it is filled and covered with information.  One suggestion is to cover that space with tidbits about your little one!
  • Go Font Crazy!   You don’t need to stick with just a handful of fonts like you would want to with a regular print.  Add a bunch, mix them up, change their colors, and get wild with your designing self!
  • To Color or Not to Color?  These posters look great as a classic black board with white chalk, or you can add some color to match your child’s party.
  • Photos & Clip Art are Cool Too! You don’t have to stop with just fonts/dingbats.  Feel free to add clipart or other pictures. You can even include a real photo of your tiny tot as I did.
  • Not Just for BIRTHDAYS! Nope, some of these same concepts can be applied for other occasions too in a variety of ways, including posters, signs, invitations, announcements, thank you cards, etc.
    • First Day of School
    • Graduation
    • Wedding
    • Bridal/Baby Shower
    • Pregnancy Announcement
    • Classroom Posters

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