What is the Ideal Weight Gain in Children?

Do you think your baby is under weight? Is your baby not gaining proper weight even after proper food intake? Are you not sure about the ideal weight in the babies? Here is an article for you. In case, you are searching for food that can increase weight in the babies.

Check the WHO approved normal growth range: WHO Standard Height and Weight chart for Babies

Age Weight Gain
Until 3 months 175 – 210g/week
By 5th Month 2 X Birth weight
Till 1 year 400g/month
1 Year 3 X Birth weight
2 Years 4 X Birth weight
3 Years 5 X Birth weight
5 Years 6 X Birth weight
7 Years 7 X Birth weight
10 Years 10 X Birth weight
In general, children puts on around 2kg every year from 3 to 7 years of age. Thereafter, 3kg every year until pubertal growth spurt begins.

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