13 Travel Essentials Checklist

Are your travel plans halted because of your young baby? Do not think twice, travelling not only make you relieve from postpartum stress but it is entertaining and soothing to the young souls. Do you think your baby is ready to travel places but not sure what to pack? Packing diaper bags can be quiet tedious and need a lot of preparation, but we are here to sort it out for you with a simple checklist with all the essential items.

  1. Diapers: The most important item in your bag is, obviously, the diapers! Calculate to change your baby’s nappy every 4 hours to keep his bottom fresh. Stock up your bag with disposable diapers depending on the transit time. Stock some more, if you are travelling by air! Tip: You can always buy new packs of diapers at your destination thus, reducing your luggage.
  2. Changing mat: Carry a changing mat, which can double-up as a bed protector sheet if you wish to change the diapers on a car seat or bed.   
  3. Disposable bags: Carry separate disposable bags to trash soiled diapers. These bags are safe and more sanitary way to seal bacteria, wetness and smell from diapers on the go.
  4. Wet Wipes: Baby wipes are diaper-changing essentials for cleaning the mess. They will keep your hands and your child clean and dry.
  5. Diaper Rash Cream: Keep a travel-sized rash cream in your bag. You will need it for your baby every time you change the diaper.
  6. Creams: Carry a 2-step bathing routine made of head-to-toe wash and a moisturizer to keep them clean and hydrated where you go.  
  7. Hand Sanitizer Take a disinfecting hand sanitizer to maintain proper hygiene after diapering. It is necessary, as you may not get a chance to wash your hands every time you change your baby’s diapers.
  8. Sun Essentials: Keep a hat and sunscreen ready for the daytime travel and site seeing.
  9. Baby Hankies: There is no such thing as too many napkins and you will always require more napkins than you think, so you had better have some on hand. You will need one every time you feed the baby or when you need to clean dripping saliva or an accidental spill. Napkins are your best friends, and you’ll find plenty of uses for them.
  10. Baby clothes: Pack two outfits per day and keep an extra pair in case of spits, spills, or diaper leakages may be severe enough to require a change of clothes.
  11. Bottle: Breastfeeding while travelling will be difficult. Keep your baby’s milk bottle ready, and ensure that you carry warm milk during all your journeys.
  12. Formula, Snacks, Juices and feeding sets: Babies easily get dehydrated while travelling. Bring along formula, snacks and plenty to drink on the go.
  13. Emergency Medication: Pack only the emergency medication necessary for fever, cold, cough and antiseptic cream.

Carry these items while keeping your bag as light as possible.

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