6 Home Remedies to Counter Postpartum Hair Fall

Life cycle of a hair follicle include growth, resting and falling phases. High estrogen levels leaves hair follicles in resting phase making your hair thick and lustrous, thanks to the pregnancy!

After birth, sudden decrease in estrogen push hair into resting phase causing a massive hair loss. Falling hair, while keeping up with nursing and other chores not only make a new mom restless but also worried. Typically, the hair fall starts at about 3 months post-delivery and subside by 6 to 9 month. The amount of hair fall differ from person to person, and from thin hair to going partially bald. Do not worry, it is a temporary phase.

Doctors thus recommend fruits and vegetables rich in biotin, flavonoids and antioxidants to counter hair fall. Maintaining proper diet and supplements like iron, calcium and multi vitamins is also important.

11 Care Instructions You Need To Follow: 

Image showing various ingredients that are necessary to check on hairfall Postpartum Hair Fall Remedies

  • Home remedies for postpartum hair fall:
    • Mix Rosemary Oil and Jojoba Oil and blend it with Coconut oil. Use this mixture over night and wash your hair next morning. Follow with Aloe Vera gel as leave-in conditioner.
    • Soak 2 tablespoons fenugreek seeds (methi) overnight and make a paste in the morning. Use this paste as a hair mask, leave it for an hour, and wash your hair.
    • Mix egg white and curd and use it as hair mask before taking head bath.
    • Boil a cup of gooseberry (amla), a cup false daisy (bhringraj) leaves, half cup castor oil and half cup black sesame oil with the a cup full coconut oil. Strain it and use it regularly.
    • Boil a cup of coconut oil with fresh aloe vera and handful of henna leaves. Strain the contents and use it.
    • Use Biotique Bio Musk Root hair pack mixed with curd and egg once a week.

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