What is Flat and Inverted Nipple?

Every woman will have different nipple size and shape and it may vary with every delivery. A Baby, usually, sucks the nipple and pulls it to touch the roof of the mouth in order to breastfeed.

How does a Flat/ Inverted nipple occur?

When the breast tissues at the base of the nipple are withdrawn due to adhesion and is gripped to the underlying tissues, a flat nipple occurs. Flat or inverted nipples make it very unsuccessful to feed the baby.

Most of the flat nipple types occur in one breast and can be corrected to help the baby breastfeed.


Solutions for Inverted/Flat Nipples:

  • Contact a Lactation Consultant to analyse the situation
  • Use breast pump before feeding to pull out the nipple and then feed the baby
  • Stimulate your nipple by pinching followed by a cold compress
  • Use manual massage and exercise technique to protrude the nipples
  • Use a nipple shield
  • Use a nipple puller to pull the inversion

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