Can a Soap Make Babies Fairer? Tedibar Soap Review

Today, when I was coming back from the children’s park with my young one in the stroller, a married couple in our apartment where complimenting my baby’s skin. They have last visited us during the baby’s 11 days ceremony. So, I told them about how many famous baby products were not suiting him initially and have made his skin look rough, dry and worse blackened. One day I visited hospital for vaccination, was billing a few prescription medicines, and saw this shiny pinky soap in the counter. So I thought TEDIBAR, why not give it a try. Honestly, this soap turned out to be pretty decent, in fact, it has made his skin softer.

My baby’s skin became fair (I will not give the whole credit to this soap alone because I have also used a homemade ubtan, skin friendly lotions etc.) However, this soap definitely made a difference.

How it looks like?

The cover of the soap looks like this:


Image Showing Ingredients list of Tedibar Soap

Ingredients List

What it claims?

Tedibar is a skin friendly bathing bar. Regular bathing with Tedibar helps restore and retain the skin’s protective mantle.

My Experience:

Tedibar soap comes from Curatio house. They also manufacture many other baby products which I am planning to use for my baby.

The soap comes in a pink carton and when you open, it contains soap wrapped in a cover, a drain tray specially made for this soap and a leaflet.

The soap has a pleasant fragrance, which lingers in the surroundings. The soap lathers well and removes the dirt, sweat and oil traces from the massage. It does not rip the natural moisture, making it leave clean yet hydrated skin. The drain tray is very handy to avoid the soap from melting thus making it last longer.


  • Very handy and pleasant floral fragrance
  • Treats rashes and miliria
  • Improves fairness
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Not as expensive as Sebamed and Dermadew soaps


  • May melt if left without drain tray

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

14 thoughts on “Can a Soap Make Babies Fairer? Tedibar Soap Review

  1. Dоes yohr site have a contact page? ӏ’m having problems locating it but,
    I’d like tߋ sеnd you ann e-maiⅼ. I’ve got some recommendations
    fоr your blog yyou might be interestеɗ in hearing.

    Either way, great blog and I look forward too seeing it develop over time.


  2. Hi Mam,

    I will try this soap for sure, in the article you had mentioned bout some homemade ubtan and lotions etc which you tried to make your baby skin fairer.
    Could you please let me know those tips because my baby girl is having brown skin in body n legs and I am looking for something that could make her skin look fairer. If you could share the home made remedies you had tried in your LO it would be really helpful. I am sure it would help other mommies as well.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you very much.

        For sandalwood powder, can you suggest which brand i can buy and from where? Because most of them sell it as not pure.

        Also her skin is dry, can you suggest any leave in lotion/cream/oil which is gud for babies that you have tried and worked for your lo.

        Thanks a lot for sharing the ubtan recipie.

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      • Hi Chandana, For dry skin always go with Cetaphil lotion. If you find Cetaphil is making your baby look greezy hen try sebamed body lotion, which is little bit light weight. And for pure sandal wood powder, you can buy it from your nearest Cauvery or lepakshi handicrafts shop.


      • Thank you mam,

        We also get Cetaphil nourishing oil which has the same ingredients of lotion. Is it ok to apply cetaphil oil instead for dry skin. Her skin looks extremely dry and dull.

        Also, Can you also suggest anything else (like feeding her any particular juice or massaging etc) I can do to make my baby girl to improve her skin tone and make her skin healthy? If you already have the links , it would be helpful if you kindly share it here.

        I massage her everyday with coconut oil but not much improvement in her skin tone or dryness. Any other oil I can mix with coconut oil to work better?

        Myself n my husband are fair lo face alone is lil fair (but not like me or husband) but her body is brown. Not sure if anything can be done to to make her body color few shades lighter.

        Sorry to ask so many questions. Just want to make my lo feel better when she grows up.

        Thanks again in advance.

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  3. Hi,

    My son has dry skin and also diagnosed with lighter atopic dermatis since he has patch on his cheeks which is now in brown color

    Can we use this soap for him to remove his discoloration in skin? Or any other soap/body wash you can recommend for dry skin and for his condition.

    Any other suggestions to help with atopic dermatis?


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