Baby’s Teething Time Line: First Teething

Do you know that baby teeth starts developing in the womb? Babies already have tooth buds in their gum eve before they are born? Rarely, some babies are born with teeth. Typically, teeth sprout starts at age of 3 months to over 1 year. So what are the teething symptoms that they show?

What order does the teeth shows up?

Image Showing the Timeline in which the teeth appear

Baby Teething Timeline

Typically, the first set of teeth are two in the bottom centre followed by two teeth on the top centre. The next set are molar followed by canines along the sides and back of the mouth rounding of to 20 teeth.  Teething timeline will extend till second birthday of the baby or more. Milk tooth starts falling around 6 year of age and are replaced with permanent teeth.

Note: Teeth what might appear unordered and uneven will straight out over time.

What are the symptoms of teething?

Teeth will sprout one at a time or several at a time over many months, which might result in irritability and fussiness. Some babies might never show any symptoms and can pass through teething without any hassle. So what are the common teething symptoms?

  • Drooling
  • Crankiness/Fussiness
  • Teething Rashes
  • Crying
  • Food Strike
  • Vomiting and Diarrhoea
  • Excessive Night Wake ups

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