7 Teething Symptoms

Teeth will sprout one at a time or several at a time over many months, which might result in irritability and fussiness. Some babies might never show any symptoms and can pass through teething without any hassle. So what are the common teething symptoms?

Can Teething Cause Vomiting, Diarrhea and Fever?

Babies throw up a lot during teething phase, even though it is not a symptom of teething. It is because they keep dirty fingers, toys and all other things in their mouths. Teething and crawling/ walking goes hand-in-hand, so babies tend to visit dirty, dusty corners and keep unclean things in their mouth, which may also result in runny nose and diarrhea. Teething however might tend to increase body temperature to some extent. Keep the surrounding as much clean as possible to avoid it.

You can counteract the Teething Symptoms through effective Remedies. To know more, read here.

What are the Symptoms of Teething?



Drooling:  babies drool even before other teething signs appear. They start drooling from 3 or 4 months to 6 months before teeth show up. You might need to cleanup or change their clothes to make them feel comfortable. However, remember cleaning with harsh clothes can leave them soured.

Teething Rash: Excess drooling is the culprit. In an attempt to clean the baby’s chin and mouth area may leave them with redness, rashes and chaffing. Always use a clean, soft cloth or wipes to clean the drooling. You might also use hand and water to clean them softly. Sometimes, they might cough out excess drooling as a gag.

Irritation: Babies show fussy and irritability the moment tooth sprouts out of the sensitive gums. They might tug their ears and rub their cheeks as part of irritation.  Few children are irritated only for few hours while others may fuss for a longer time.

Crying: Children cry when their sensitive gum are inflamed with the sprouting. They might experience from normal to an extent where they need medication to calm them down. You need to consult a pediatrician for an over-the-counter medication.

Biting: Kids start biting anything and everything once the tooth starts appearing. It is one of the first signs of teething in the babies. They bite things to counteract the discomfort caused on their gum. They start biting fingers, rattles, toys etc.

Feed Strikes: Soreness of the gum and rashes might leave the baby in vain and feeding with bottle or breast may only cause more pain and irritability. They start rejecting the liquid and solid food ad go on food strike. You need to comfort them and never force feed a baby and try to soothe as much as possible. Consult a pediatrician if they are lot fussy and do not like to eat often.

Excessive Night Waking: Teething irritation might extend throughout the day and make the little people to wake up in the night and cry. Try to soothe them by patting and singing their favorite rhymes and lullaby.

The severity and symptoms will be different for each child. While few babies breeze through the sprouting process, some might experience hell of a time. Always keep an eye on the baby for any symptoms and try to soothe them by giving more attention and other teething remedies.

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