Natural and Effective Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production

Is your milk production rate is low or your milk production has gone down? Do you think your baby’s stomach is not full and he is crying because of hunger? Following are few remedies followed in ancient India to boost your milk supply. This article also talks about the ways to increase your milk supply using modern techniques.

Breast milk deficiency is a result of various reasons such as nutritional deficiencies hormonal imbalance, poor diet, sickness, consumption of birth-control pills, improper latching position of the baby and infrequent breastfeeding owing to cracked nipples.
Inadequate breast milk can put your baby at a high risk of malnutrition, a, poor memory, weak immune system and numerous other health issues.

It is a tradition in India and other countries where elders in the family arrange for diet change, special concoctions, improving ambience for the new mothers. You need to understand that there is a lot of knowledge put together to improve the milk supply naturally.

This article includes:

Diet Plan

What are Galactagogic Herbs?

Is there an effective way to consume Galactagogic herbs?

Modern Techniques

 Diet Plan:

  • Completely avoid junk food and Colas
  • Consume a lot of green leafy vegetables
  • Include oats and quinoa in the snacks
  • Consume gourd family vegetables like bottle gourd (loki), sponge gourd (tori)
  • Include Non-vegetarian food like mutton and red meat.
  • Small fish is also known to improve milk supply
  • Eat heathy nuts and juices every 2 hours
  • Have milk no less than twice or thrice a day
  • Include Galactagogic herbs in the food
  • Take Calcium and other supplements that your doctor prescribed

P.S: I am a mum of a baby boy and faced this issue in the first few months. I followed each one of these remedy and reaped its benefits.

What are Galactagoges?

It is very important to know about Galactagoges in order to improve your lactation.

Galactogoges: Herbs and medication that stimulate the lactation glands and naturally improves the breast milk. It is very important to follow a strict diet and include the Galactagogic herbs in your diet.

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi): Fenugreek is the most widely used natural galactagogic herb proven to stimulate the lactation glands. You can use it in the form of seeds, powder and concoctions in your diet. Phytoestrogens in the fenugreek is considered to stimulate mammary glands to improve the milk supply.

  • Seeds: You can directly add seeds in tadka and consume whole seeds along with the food.
  • Powder: As a masala powder to the curries, even though it is not much effective this way.
  • Concoction: It is the most effective way to use methi. Soak a spoon full of methi seeds overnight in a steel or glass bowl, paste the seeds along with the water and consume it. You may also discard the seeds and have the water if you do not like to consume the seeds.

Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds are called Sounf in Hindi. The concoction when consumed by the mother is thought to reduce colic and gas troubles in the baby. You can see this an important ingredient in the gripe water and other colic drops.

  • Take a teaspoon of fennel seeds, soak it for at least 4 hours and then boil it. Strain the solution and drink it to stimulate lactation glands, relieve gas and colic.
  • Add a teaspoon of fennel seeds to your milk and boil it. Strain and enjoy your flavored milk which tastes yummy.

Cumin Seeds: Cumin seeds or Jeera also help boost the milk supply while providing necessary calcium and B vitamins to the mother. It will reduce postnatal bloating and relieve constipation and gas. It will also relieve colic and gas in babies when mothers consume it, which will be passed on the babies through breast milk.

  • Soak the cumin seeds for at least 4 hours and boil the mixture. Strain and consume the concoction.
  • Add cumin seeds to tadka in rice and curries
  • Add cumin concoction to your regular milk and consume as a flavored milk.

Garlic: Garlic is full of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that stimulates immune system and cures various health issues in the mothers. It also proved to improve the breast milk flavor, which help babies to feed for a longer time than usual.

  • Add garlic cloves to the tadka and curries
  • Boil 4 to 5 garlic cloves and consume
  • Put 4 or 5 cloves over the hot cooked food and consume

Is there an effective way to consume Galactagogic herbs?

Ayurveda and many traditional methods have always suggested mixing two or more Galactagogic herbs together to reap maximum benefits.

  • Mixture Pills: Add 1 teaspoon each of fennel seeds (methi), cumin seeds (jeera) and carom seeds (ajwain) and roast them in an iron bowl. Powder them, add 2 teaspoons of jiggery powder, and make small pills and dry them. Consume these pills thrice a day.
  • Concoction: Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek, fennel, carom and cumin seeds each in a glass or steel bowl overnight. Boil the water in the morning, strain the concoction and consume it.

Modern Techniques

Prolactin deficiency is believed to be the reason for lower milk production. So prescription medicines are mostly targeted to regulate this hormone in the new mothers.  Most modern techniques also use the above-mentioned Galactagogic herbs in the form of pills and granules.

  • Granules: Take about 2 teaspoons of lactare granules or lactonic granules and mix it with milk. Consume the milk two to three times a day. Mother’s Horlicks is also a good source to improve breast milk.
  • Pills:  You can consume pills such as Promolact or Lactarine twice daily.

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