Baby Summer Care Tips

Summer is a tricky season, and your baby will need to adjust to the surrounding temperature. All you need is to keep an eye on what your baby eats or drinks during this time.

Don’t worry! Here is a pretty guide for you parents on how to take care of baby in summer.

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    1. Use lightweight oil for massage.
    2. Make sure that your baby takes a shower in lukewarm water.
    3. Use mild soap for the delicate skin.
    4. It is necessary to use mild moisturiser for skin, even in the peak summer.
    5. Use baby sunscreen such as Sebamed, Chicco solare cream followed by protective clothing such as hats and umbrella while going out.
    6. Always prefer loose fitting clothes. Smooth cotton clothes are most preferable.
    7. Diaper rashes are common during summer, therefore use diapers only when required.
    8. Cool surroundings are preferable.
    9. Air condition does not cause harm. But don’t leave your baby for very long under AC. You can cool down the room, switch it off and let the baby in the room.
    10. If your baby is above 6 months, hydrate them as much as possible.
    11. In case of prickly heat, use Sandal wood paste and Aloe gel. Himalaya baby prickly heat powder is also very effective to treat the heat rashes.

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